Count Bleck (actual name Blumiere), known as Count Noir ("noir" meaning "black" in French) in the Japanese version, is the central antagonist-turned-anti-hero of Super Paper Mario. He is the last member of the 'Tribe of Darkness', and was a crazed being bent on using the Dark Prognosticus to destroy all existence with his minions Nastasia, O'Chunks, Mimi, and Dimentio.

However, over the course of the game, it's gradually revealed that there's much more to him him than there initially appears to be. It's revealed through dialogue in flashbacks (without images to accompany them) that he used to be called Blumiere, and he was a kind, benevolent member of his tribe who fell in love with a human girl named Lady Timpani, whom he met one day when she tended to an injury he received from falling down a cliff. However, when his father banished Timpani since he felt their kinds could never mix and he desperately searched for her to no avail, Blumiere became desperately turned to the Dark Prognosticus, and once he opened it against his father's pleas, he became corrupted by its power and developed the second identity of Count Bleck. As Count Bleck, he sought to use the Dark Prognosticus to summon the Void and destroy all worlds out of anger and heartache since he found no meaning or joy in a world without Timpani. However, when he eventually finds out that Tippi, the Pixl accompanying Mario, was really Timpani, meaning she was still alive after all, he started to feel regret for his actions since the conviction she was gone forever was the catalyst for setting these events in motion in the first place.

Many things occurred, but eventually Mario and his allies gathered all of the Pure Hearts, made it to his castle and defeated him with his friends. However, by this point, Bleck was actually happy that they had succeeded and hoped they would so they could stop him now that he knew his one true love was still alive. He then requested that they finish him off before all existence was destroyed by the Chaos Heart, but Tippi refused and tried to convince him that having found each other again, so they had another chance at happiness. Just then though, Nastasia defended him from an attack from Dimentio, after which he seized control of the Chaos Heart like he had intended to all along and stored Count Bleck away in another dimension while he fought the heroes with the intention of torturing and killing him later. However, while there, he and Tippi reunite with his other minions, who found him in Dimension D thanks to Nastasia telling them previously that they might find him there. Between Tippi passionately pleading with him to not give up after everything they've been through and O'Chunks and Mimi assuring him that they were still loyal to him and would stick with him no matter what, Bleck is genuinely touched, which to his surprise, caused the Pure Hearts, which were seemingly used up by the heroes fighting him, to be rejuvenated and have their essence restored. Tippi then takes them back to Mario, Peach and Bowser to use against Dimentio, who had made himself invulnerable with the power of the Chaos Heart. After they use the Pure Hearts to negate his defense, Mario, Peach and Bowser proceed to defeat Dimentio and free Luigi.

However, even upon defeat, Dimentio left a shadow of his power behind right before his death to keep controlling the Chaos Heart and ensure the destruction of all worlds. However, Bleck knew how to counter it and quickly led the others to the room where the Chaos Heart (the same one where he forced Bowser and Peach's marriage at the beginning of the game) so that he and Tippi could negate it with their love. By declaring it at the alter, they are able to rejuvenate the Pure Hearts again and use them one last time to seal away the Chaos Heart, causing the Void to dissipate and saving all of existence, even restoring the worlds that were already destroyed. Consequently, the two of them disappear, but it is determined that, wherever they are, they are happy.

Super Smash Bros.

He originally appeared in Brawl as a sticker but, in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, he has been upgraded to a trophy.

Trophy Descriptions

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser so many times, it seemed like a good idea to mix things up--instead she gets kidnapped by this guy, Count Bleck! He then obtains the Chaos Heart by forcing Peach and Bowser to marry. All of this was predicted by the Dark Prognosticus, which Count Bleck carries with him.
Wii - Super Paper Mario - 04/2007