Cosmic clones

Mario getting chased by Cosmic Clones.

Cosmic Clones (or Shadow Clones) are shadowy duplicates of Mario that first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They copy Mario or Luigi's every move, even copying their death animation if they die. They appear to be a successor to Cosmic Mario: they are strikingly similar to them, sharing the same voice as them, and their theme is the Cosmic Comet theme from Super Mario Galaxy (a half-step higher pitch and an edited opening section, which in turn is a cover version of the Super Mario Bros. overworld and underground theme). The only difference is their color and the Cosmic Clones' glowing yellow eyes.


Super Mario Galaxy 2

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Cosmic Clones are created once a certain point is reached in a galaxy and follow behind Mario or Luigi, mimicking every movement he makes. Boards usually warn Mario that Cosmic Clones are present in the area, although they also appear when a Clone Comet]orbits a galaxy.

Cosmic Clones mimic whatever Mario or Luigi does, even if the landscape has recently been changed. For example, they can jump on a platform where Mario or Luigi were standing, even if it has disappeared or moved. If Mario or Luigi get hit by a clone, they receive damage and the clone vanishes, with the rest of the clones then mimicking the plumber taking damage. Once the way forward is revealed, the clones scream, disappear, and release three Star Bits each.

Super Mario 3D Land

Cosmic Clones appear in the Special Worlds of Super Mario 3D Land, where they resemble Small Mario. Regardless of which character encounters a Cosmic Clone, it always resembles Mario's appearance more than Luigi's. They act as they do in Super Mario Galaxy 2, but have a purple outline instead of a red one, and only one appears instead of a group; this one doesn't vanish if Mario or Luigi touch it. Mario or Luigi can destroy it by touching it while invincible; it gives three Coins upon destruction. Upon reaching a certain area (normally the level's halfway point), the Cosmic Clone disappears. If the player leaves that area, the Cosmic Clone appears again, even if it has been destroyed with a Super Star.

This game also introduces big Cosmic Clones, which have a slower and lower-pitched voice, and are four times as big. They can also destroy Brick Blocks on contact, and they give ten coins when defeated.

The clones' theme music is same as in Super Mario Galaxy 2, albeit with most of the fading cosmic synth pads removed.


Super Mario Galaxy 2

Galaxies Mission(s) Planet(s) Duration of Chase
Sky Station Galaxy Storming the Sky Fleet Flipswitch Fleet Planet Until Mario or Luigi flips all the Flipswitch Panels.
Spin-Dig Galaxy Silver Stars Down Deep Starting Planet Until Mario or Luigi shatters the Crystal containing the Sling Star.
Fluffy Bluff Galaxy Search for the Toad Brigade Captain Pond Planet Until Mario or Luigi collects all the Star Chips.
Puzzle Plank Galaxy Purple Coin Shadow Vault Pound Pillars Planet (Inside) Until Mario or Luigi collects all the Purple Coins.
Cloudy Court Galaxy Silver Stars in the Purple Pond
The Shadow Lining
Purple Pond Planet
Starting Planets
Castle Wall Planet
Silver Stars in the Purple Pond - Until all of the Silver Stars are collected.

The Shadow Lining - Until Mario or Luigi collects all the Star Chips for the first wave, take the Sling Star after the Castle Wall Planet for the second wave, and shatter the Crystal containing the Power Star for the third wave

Haunty Halls Galaxy Spooky Cosmic Clone Chase Disappearing Paths Planet Until Mario or Luigi shatters the Crystal containing the Power Star.
Chompworks Galaxy Cosmic Clones in the Chompworks Lava Chomp Planet Until Mario or Luigi guides the Golden Chomp into the hole.
Mario Squared Galaxy Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos Starting Planet (Luigi) Until Mario or Luigi collects 100 Purple Coins.
Flip-Out Galaxy Cosmic Clone Wall Jumpers
Green Star 2
Flip Wall Planet Until Mario or Luigi shatters the Crystal containing the Power Star or gets a Green Star.

Super Mario 3D Land

  • Special 1-2 (Regular)
  • Special 4-2 (Regular)
  • Special 5-2 (Regular)
  • Special 6-4 (Regular)
  • Special 7-2 (Regular)
  • Special 7-4 (Large)
  • Special 7-Castle (Large)
  • Special 8-1 (Regular)
  • Special 8-3 (Large)
  • Special 8-5 (Large)
  • Special 8-Crown (Appears at the Burners part) (Large)


  • Mummy-Mes from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker have the same behavior as Cosmic Clones.
  • Only the first clone uses voice clips when jumping. If the player is hurt by the first Cosmic Clone, the other ones only play sound effects.
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