Cortez is a character that appeared in the Nintendo GameCube video game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door where he, at first, appeared as the boss and protector of the Sapphire Star, one of the Crystal Stars that awaits at the Pirate's Grotto of Keelhaul Key. Once Mario first meets the large skeletal pirate, he assumes that the plumber has come to steal his treasure, so he plans to kill him. After Mario defeats him, he explains that he actually just came for the Crystal Star, which Cortez really didn't care for, so he decided to give it to him. Soon later, the pirate decides to become good, and allows Mario to ride on his ship when ever he wanted.

Cortez appears to replace the Piranha Plant boss from Paper Mario, with him living in a dark secluded area on an island and guarding a treasure. Cortez also has to be defeated more than once. His swords and hook resemble the smaller piranha plants of the previous boss. However, his ship appears to replace the whale from Paper Mario.


As seen in the image to the right, Cortez has four weapons that he will use during the fight, the most powerful being the sabre. He also has a rusty hook, a cutlass, and a sword. Every item other than the sabre has an attack of three, where as the sabre has an attack of four. Each weapon has a defense of two, and all weapons except the hook have no defense, whereas the hook has a defense of one. It should be noted that his head will also attack Mario. The hook is able to poison Mario.

Field Tattle

That's Cortez, remember? The dread pirate ghost feared by all? Ring a bell? Boy, hard to imagine someone that scary would like us... But he's just a big sweetie! Plus, he's like our taxi service between Rogueport and Keelhaul Key! I love him!