Corobo Bred (also known as King Corobo) is the main character in Little King's Story. He is a young, timid boy with few friends, who follows a family of pesky rats out into the woods one night, only to get lost and find a crown. When Corobo puts on the crown, he gains the power of persuasion and inadvertently becomes the king of the Alpoko kingdom. His friend Liam becomes his Anything Minister, who teaches Corobo about jobs and how to be king. His friend Verde becomes his Records Minister, who records the data of the kingdom and lets Corobo save his game progress. Howser the Bull Knight becomes somewhat of an adviser, urging the king to invade other countries and unite the world. Corobo himself remains a silent innocence throughout the whole of the game, and only really acts upon the plans that are given to him.


  • He was nominated for Best Character of the Year in the 2009 Nintendo Power awards.

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