Corin is a character from the Pushmo series.


Corin is a member of an unnamed blob-like species. He is grey, with a white and pink face. He wears a red cap and yellow gloves, similar to Mallo's.



Corin serves as the main antagonist in Pushmo. He trapped children inside of the Pushmo, which led to Mallo rescuing them. At the end of the game, it is revealed that the reason he trapped the children inside the Pushmo was because he had just moved to the area and was lonely. The children forgave him, and he became their friend.


In Crashmo, Corin serves as Papa Blox's apprentice.

Pushmo World

Corin runs both the practice Pushmo and the Mysterious Pushmo.


Corin is playable in the Fortress of Fun puzzles.

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