The Copilas(JP) was a copying machine Nintendo produced from 1971 to 1979. Several different variants of it were released, each one making improvements over the previous unit. Initially it was very successful in Japan due to its very low price of 9,800 yen. The attractive price got the attention of the government, who supplied all schools in Japan with a Copilas. Unfortunately, the low price came at a cost. The Copilas was known to regularly break down and Nintendo demanded money in order to fix it. This was actually planned by Nintendo, since Hiroshi Yamauchi knew he wouldn't make any money by just selling the piece of hardware. After the success of the Game & Watch, the Copilas was no longer produced.


  • Copilas - the standard Copilas.
  • Copilas Dry - The original Copilas had a deficiency in that the ink would create unintentional blotches on the paper. The Copilas Dry solved this problem, though it was more expensive.
  • Copilas BIII - A larger version of the Copilas that could print off larger sheets of paper.
  • Photo Copilas - A photocopier. The government banned the Photo Copilas after discovering dangerous material inside of it.
  • Copilas ST - It's unclear what was improved with this version.