Cooking Mama is a game for the Nintendo DS developed by Office Create and published by Taito in Japan, Majesco in North America and 505 Games in Europe. It was awarded IGN's "Best Of E3" award for 2006.


In Cooking Mama, you are tasked with cooking over 70 dishes using the DS's touch screen. You follow the instructions of Mama, who will tell you to do such tasks as chop vegetables, chop meat, flip food and arrange the final dish using the stylus. These happen during mini-games to make the dish which can last as little as 10 seconds.

Each mini-game represents a different activity, weather mixing, frying, chopping or finalizing the dish. To perform the task you do such things as quickly draw lines to taping a button or ingredient. Players may have to use the top screen for guidance on the task in hand.

If the player makes a serious mistake, or time runs out and they've got no where on the mini-game, its considered a failure.A angry anime-styled Mama with flames erupting from her eyes appears with a caption saying "Don't worry, Mama will fix it". Then you continue to the next stage of the dish.

To dish may contain playing one or more mini-games. After each dish, you are awarded with a bronze, sliver or gold, depending on the average score of each mini-game.


Let's Cook

The main mode, the player has a choice of what dish to cook, depending on what they've unlocked. If you've mastered an earlier recipe, they can change the dish being made "on the fly" between two mini-games, if completed you will unlock the new recipe.

Let's Combine

In this mode, you can take recipes you've unlocked and combine them to make a new something new. You can not unlock new recipes in Let's Cook mode by doing this.

Use Skill

In this mode, players test there skill at min-games, at the end of each task the player is ranked.


A version was latter released on Wii called Cooking Mama: Cook Off, but instead of touchscreen control you use of the Wii Remote.

The second DS game was released in November 2007 and called Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, this contained new recipes, mini-games and modes.

A third DS game in scheduled release in the first part of 2009

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