Contact is a game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, who was responsible for games such as Killer7 and No More Heroes. The game has been released worldwide and was welcomed to average critical praise. The game breaks the fourth wall throughout the entire story - you yourself are one of the primary characters and you look over both the professor and Terry throughout the entire game.


You can control Terry with either the stylus or the control pad/button combination. When you encounter an enemy you press the B button to enter a battle, or do so by pressing a similar icon on the touch screen. While battling an enemy, you'll still be allowed to roam the area, closing in on the enemy or falling back. In order to attack, you'll have to be close to the enemy, meaning that while you can attack, it can attack too. Some enemies have projectile based attacks, meaning that while in battle mode and far away, they can still inflict damage on you. Once closed in on an enemy, your character will attack, though a short delay in between your performances will allow the opposing force to make its move.

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