Conker's Pocket Tales is a video game for the Game Boy Color published by Rare and distributed by Nintendo. The game was published by Rare in Europe, though in America Nintendo obtained the rights. The game was never released in Japan.

The game, while intended for the Game Boy Color, was also playable on the original Game Boy with downscaled graphics and other alterations. The Game Boy version couldn't be played on the Game Boy Color and vice versa.

The plot involved Conker rescuing his girlfriend Berri on his birthday.

The star, Conker, first appeared as a playable character in the Nintendo 64 video game Diddy Kong Racing. Rare liked the character, and wished to make a name for him and decided to start his career off on a Game Boy game. A lighthearted romp through Conker's world, no one expected it when Rare released Conker's Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64, which had a heavy emphasis on adult content, had a warning on the cover and wasn't even covered in Nintendo Power.

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