Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad is a third-person shooter game for the GameCube. It is a war game that puts the player in the Middle East carrying out military operations as the US Delta Force and the British SAS.

It's a sequel to Conflict: Desert Storm which was released a year earlier.


The game is a tactical shooter that can be played with up to four players. The game has 4 characters, each with different equipment and capabilities. One player can control the team by giving orders to them or switching between characters.


  • John Bradley - Team Leader/Rifleman
  • Paul Foley - Sniper/Medic
  • Mick Connors - Heavy Weapon Specialist
  • David Jones - Combat Engineer


  1. Breakthrough
  2. Street Battle
  3. Besieged
  4. Victor-Two
  5. Communications
  6. Prisoners of War
  7. Chemical Warfare
  8. Fires of Kuwait
  9. Superguns
  10. Superguns


Set in 1991 during the first Gulf War, the squad, composed members of either the British 22nd SAS or the US Army Delta Force, battle their way through ten missions and take out Saddam Hussein's men. Starting in Al-Hadar, the squad must link up with a Delta team stranded in the city. After rendezvousing with the Delta sergeant, two deltas are killed in the mortar strike as the squad heads to the communication bunker. At the communication bunker, the squad must protect three deltas from the Iraqi forces before they and the sergeant are evacuated.

The squad is then sent to take out a communication base but, are captured, leading to a break out. The squad must then take out a chemical facility where SCUD missiles are being filled with sarin gas. After destroying the chemical threat, the squad must help the 2nd Marine Division secure a taken-over refinery. The mission ends with an Iraqi ambush of the Marines where a number of men are killed.

The squad then, supports the securing of Kuwait City using a M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, taking out numerous Iraqi infantry along the way, eventually making their way to the nearby artillery shore guns and calling in air strikes to destroy them. The game then ends with Kuwait liberated and the Emir thanking the U.N. coalition for their military assistance.


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