Computer Virus is a boss in the Kirby series. Unlike the other bosses, this one is fought like an RPG.


Computer Virus has 3 computer windows. One of the windows contains a foe. The following foes are:

  • Slime
  • Puppet
  • Magician (called Witch in Kirby Super Star)
  • Evil Knight
  • Great Dragon (called Red Dragon in Kirby Super Star)

How The Foes Attack


The Slime shoots one star, which is the only attack that gives you damage. The Slime will try to call friends, but fails, and will try to run away, which also fails.


Like the Slime, The Puppet only shoots one star which is the only attack that gives damage. The puppet will try to self-destruct, but it fails.


Unlike the slime and the puppet, the magician shoots several stars, and uses ice and fire spells to attack Kirby. The magician does not do something that fails.

Evil Knight

Like the magician, the Evil Knight shoots several stars. The Evil Knight throws knives, brings down his sword, and does nothing that fails.

Great Dragon

The Great Dragon attacks by shooting four stars quickly and flapping its wings. All its attacks do not fail.

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