Compile Co., Ltd. (株式会社コンパイル Kabushikigaisha Konpairu?) was a video game developer and publisher, most notable for having developed the Puyo Puyo series, a franchise derived from the Madō Monogatari series. Compile had also developed other games for Nintendo systems and self-published some of them from 1995 to 2001. On November 6, 2003, the company suffered from bankruptcy.


"†" = port

Title Publisher(s) Platform(s) Release date Notes
Lunar Ball Pony Canyon Famicom 1985-03-31December 5, 1985[1] This version was published by FCI in North America in October 1987 and in Europe in 1991 as Lunar Pool.
Zanac Pony Canyon Famicom Disk System 1986-11-28November 28, 1986[1] FCI published an NES conversion in North America in October 1987.
City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle Toho Famicom 1987-03-14March 14, 1987[1]
Romancia: Dragon Slayer Jr. Tokyo Shoseki Famicom 1987-10-30October 30, 1987[1] This game was originally developed, published, and released by Nihon Falcom for the PC-8801 in 1986.
Guardic Gaiden Irem Famicom 1988-02-05February 5, 1988[1] This game was published and released in North America by Brøderbund in April 1989 as The Guardian Legend.
Asteka II: Templo del Sol Tokyo Shoseki Famicom 1988-08-03August 3, 1988[1] This game was originally developed, published, and released by Nihon Falcom for the PC-8801 in October 1986. This game was also published and released in North America by Infocom in June 1991 as Tombs & Treasure.
Godzilla Toho Famicom 1988-12-09December 9, 1988[1] This game is based on the Godzilla movies.
Gun-Nac Tonkin House Famicom 1990-10-05October 5, 1990[1] This game was published in North America by ASCII in September 1991.


Toho Game Boy 1990-10October 1990
Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen Tokuma Shoten Famicom[1] 1991-04-12April 12, 1991
Puyo Puyo Tokuma Shoten Famicom Disk System 1991-10-25October 25, 1991
Tokuma Shoten Famicom 1993-07-23July 23, 1993[1]
Super Aleste Toho Super Famicom 1992-04-28April 28, 1992[3]
Jaki Crush Naxat Soft Super Famicom 1992-12-18December 18, 1992
Puyo Puyo Banpresto Super Famicom 1993-12-10December 10, 1993[3] Released as Super Puyo Puyo. This version was also remade and re-released in some other countries as Kirby's Avalanche by Nintendo on February 1, 1995.
Banpresto Game Boy 1994-07-25July 25, 1994[2] This version was co-developed by Winkysoft.
Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue no Roux Banpresto Super Famicom 1995-05-26May 26, 1995[3]
Puyo Puyo 2 Compile Super Famicom 1995-12-08December 8, 1995[3] Released as Super Puyo Puyo Tsu.
Compile Game Boy 1996-12-13December 13, 1996[2]
Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Daiyouchienji Tokuma Shoten Super Famicom 1996-01-12January 12, 1996[3]
Super Nazo Puyo 2: Rulue no Tetsuwan Hanjouki Compile Super Famicom 1996-06-26June 26, 1996[3]
Puyo Puyo Sun Compile Nintendo 64 1997-10-31October 31, 1997
Game Boy Color 1998-11-27November 27, 1998[2]
Puyo Puyo Gaiden: Puyo Wars Compile Game Boy Color 1999-08-27August 27, 1999[2]
Puyo Puyo ~n Compile Nintendo 64 1999-12-03December 3, 1999
Compile Game Boy Color 2000-09-22September 22, 2000[2]
Arle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel Compile Game Boy Color 2000-03-31March 31, 2000[4]
Guru Logi Champ Compile Game Boy Advance 2001-11-29November 29, 2001[5]


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