Colored Pencils (full name Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th) is a boss that will be seen in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a sentient box of colored pencils that works as part of the Legion of Stationery, a group of sentient office supplies that serves King Olly. Colored Pencils guards the red paper streamer. It speaks in multi-colored dialogue.


During the battle, Colored Pencils launches pencils from his mouth. Mario can close Colored Pencils' lid to damage him if he stops behind the boss's backside and uses his 1,000-Fold Arms technique. During his second phase, Colored Pencils will use the Rainbow Roll to defend against this.

Colored Pencils also has a defense mechanic where he launches missiles into the stage (avoided by dodging the green reticles). Colored Pencils enters his second phase when you reduce his health to half or lower. Mario can then defeat him by grabbing the Rainbow Roll and driving it into the boss. Colored Pencils has about 150 to 300 HP.

Upon defeat, Colored Pencils criticizes Mario, telling him he was better in sidescroller games.

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