Color TV Block Kuzushi is a Color TV Game title released in 1979 only in Japan. The first home console game to be created exclusively by Nintendo (the other Color TV Games were created with the assistance of Mitsubishi), Block Kuzushi is also known as being designed by legendary game developer Shigeru Miyamoto. Block Kuzushi is basically a home console version of Breakout. Block Kuzushi sold over 400,000 units in Japan, quite the success for Nintendo.

Several things made Color TV Block Kuzushi slightly unique when compared to other block-breaking games at the time. The player could choose from several different options, such as the number of balls present during a game and the speed of the ball/balls.

Different game modes were present, such as Block Lighter, in which the player must destroy blinking blocks, and Block Through, which would have the ball eliminating every block in its way up to the top (without destroying a block and heading downwards).

In department stores, managers would hold Block Kuzushi competitions with the winner obtaining a special medal to confirm their expertise in the game.