The Colony 6 was originally a Homs settlement that was destroyed by the Mechon in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is positioned on the waist of the Bionis just above Bionis' Leg. The Supply Road connects to Bionis' Leg, and the Misty Path leads to the entrance of Satorl Marsh. The colony was the home of the Sharla and Juju. The colony was eventually reconstructed by Juju and the party and turned into a settlement inhabited by every species on the Bionis.


Prior to the Mechon raid on Colony 9, Colony 6 was also attacked by Mechons. Led by Xord, they quickly took over the settlement, forcing Sharla and Juju to escape along with the elderly Homs and those unable to fight, while the Defense Force covered their escape. Most of the Defense Force was then captured by Xord and after a failed rescue attempt by Otharon and Gadolt, they were all eaten by the Mechons.

While Shulk and Sharla do set out for Colony 6, most of the events of the attack happens inside the Ether Mine, which is under the Colony. Xord is eventually battled inside the mine and is fataly wounded by the party before killing himself.

However, when they return after the battle with Xord, Metal Face and his minions ambush them. At this point Dunban joins the party, with Dickson assisting them. Metal Face is himself ambushed by Alvis' Telethia and forced to retreat.

Afterwards, Juju will ask Shulk to help rebuild Colony 6. The party will have to retrieve supplies and money for the reconstruction and send new immigrants to repopulate the region. The fledgling colony will also be attacked from time to time and the party has to fend off the attackers before the colony resumes its normal functions.

The party later escape Mechonis by flying the Junks out and they head to Colony 6. After a battle event on the deck of the ship, they eventually land at Colony 6, and from then on the Junks can be found in both Colony 6 and the Hidden Machina Village.

After Bionis awakens, the party is attacked at the gates of Colony 6 by a squad of Telethia. The Telethia will attack again while the party is in Prison Island, but they are defeated by Juju and Otharon with the aid of the Mass-Produced Faces.

Landmarks and Locations


  • Reconstruction HQ
  • Supply Road
  • Watchpoint Junction
  • Drainage Outlet
  • Freight Road
  • Misty Path
  • Main Entrance


  • Splintered Path
  • Hope Farm
  • Freight Elevator
  • Pod Depot


Normal Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters





Level Gold Items needed Otained from
1 9,000 G 2 x Spotted Volff Hide Volff in Bionis' Leg
2 x Steel Silk Collectable: Tephra Cave
Trade: Peppino (Colony 9 ☆3)
2 19,000 G 4 x Bunnia Scent Wood Bunnia in Satorl Marsh
Trade: Bokoko (☆1)
1 x Fossil Monkey Collectable: Makna Forest
Trade: Berryjammy, Puko (☆2)
3 55,000 G 1 x Eks Iron Heart Eks in Makna Forest
Trade: Nelo (☆2)
4 x Sturdy Armour Andos in Eryth Sea
Trade: Galdo, Jer'ell (☆1)
2 x Oil Branch Collectable: Eryth Sea
Trade: Scarlen, Ricoth (☆2)
4 120,000 G 5 x Ponio Hoof Seal Ponio in Fallen Arm
Trade: Eleqa (☆5)
3 x Royal Volff Hide Volff in Fallen Arm
Trade: Neonik (overtrade), Xekit (☆5)
3 x Warning Lamp Collectable: Fallen Arm
Trade: Natalia (overtrade), Karlos (☆5)
2 x Retro Diode Collectable:Mechonis Field or Colony 6 Level 3 Special
Trade: Norara (Colony 6 ☆5)
5 300,000 G 2 x Vang Star Wing Vang in Windy Cave and Tephra Cave
3 x Gogol Horn Gogol in Bionis' Leg and Satorl Marsh
2 x Red Frontier Collectable: Sword Valley
Trade: Rizaka (☆5)
2 x Black Styrene Collectable: Central Factory or Colony 6 Level 4 Special
Trade: Peppino (Colony 6 ☆5)
3 x Rainbow Zirconia Collectable: Colony 9 or Colony 6 Level 2 Special
Trade: Dionysis (☆1)


Level Gold Items needed Otained from
1 10,000 G 2 x Igna Hide Jacket Igna in Satorl Marsh and Exile Fortress
2 x Amblygon Turtle Collectable: Colony 6 in Hope Farm area
Trade: Arda (Colony 6 ☆1)
2 22,000 G 3 x Hode Plank Hyle Hode in Makna Forest
Trade: Lupa (☆3)
2 x Ready Coil Collectable: Ether Mine
Trade: Olga (Colony 6 ☆1)
3 55,000 G 3 x Shiny Kromar Hide Kromar in Eryth Sea
Trade: Arielle (☆2)
2 x Slick Kromar Stone Kromar in Eryth Sea
Trade: Yura (Alcamoth ☆2)
2 x Blue Ladybird Collectable: High Entia Tomb
Trade: Cian (Alcamoth ☆4)
4 100,000 G 5 x Piranhax Fishmeal Fair Piranhax in Fallen Arm, Radiocarpea Coast
8 x Silver Antol Fibre Antol in Fallen Arm, Digit 1
Trade: Shilx (Hidden Village ☆3)
3 x Sour Turnip Collectable: Fallen Arm
Trade: Eleqa (☆3), Voltak (overtrade)
2 x Mossy Panel Collectable: Mechonis Field
Trade: Nopo'rikh (☆5)
5 250,000 G 1 x Ocean Elixir of Life Kyel Lexos' in Colony 6 after Mechonis Core
Trade: Atael after Mechonis Core (☆5)
4 x Ancient Sardi Meat Throne Sardi in Colony 9
2 x Art Core Coil Collectable: Galahad Fortress
Trade Kazat (☆4)
1 x Fortune Feather Collectable: Agniratha
4 x Hill Firefly Collectable: Bionis' Leg


Level Gold Items needed Otained from
1 5,000 G 2 x Sharp Hox Spur Hox in Bionis' Leg
Trade: Matryona (Colony 6 ☆1)
2 x Dark Grape Collectable: Tephra Cave
Trade: Anna (Bionis' Leg ☆1), Dorothy (☆3)
2 18,000 G 2 x Quadwing Bag Quadwing in Satorl Marsh
3 x Empress Beetle Collectable: Frontier Village
Trade: Dobadoba (☆4)
3 40,000 G 3 x Jagged Tail Eryth Hiln, Eryth Ansel in Eryth Sea
Trade: Kurralth (Alcamoth ☆1)
Trade: Talia after Mechonis Core
2 x Despair Clover Collectable: Eryth Sea
Trade: Atael (Alcamoth ☆2)
2 x Ice Cabbage Collectable: Valak Mountain
Trade: Yura (Valak Mountain ☆4)
4 99,000 G 3 x Caterpile Silk Royal Caterpile in Bionis' Leg
Trade: Sylviane (overtrade), Dorothy (☆5)
3 x Hox Daylight Spur Dark Hox, White Hox in Bionis' Leg
Trade: Bozatrox (Mechonis Field ☆4), Jer'ell (overtrade)
3 x Oil Oyster Collectable: Fallen Arm
Trade: Shilx (Fallen Arm ☆3), Qofaria (overtrade)
3 x White Plum Collectable: Fallen Arm
Trade: Prox (☆3), Eleqa (overtrade)
5 280,000 G 3 x Ardun Elder Beard Magnis Ardun in Bionis' Leg
1 x Tokilos King Egg Leg Tokilos in Bionis' Leg
2 x Lewisia Silver Collectable: Agniratha
Trade: Berryjammy (Colony 6 ☆5)
2 x Black Liver Bean Collectable: Bionis' Interior
2 x Black Beetle Collectable: Ether Mine
Trade: Norara (Colony 6 ☆1)


Level Gold Items needed Otained from
1 8,000 G 1 x Light Rain Element Aqua Nebula on Bionis' Leg
Trade: Satata (Refugee Camp, overtrade)
1 x Kneecap Rock Collectable: Tephra Cave
Trade: Werner (Colony 9 ☆2)
2 25,000 G 2 x Dust Element Caris Nebula in Makna Forest
Trade: Hoko (Frontier Village ☆4)
3 x Sea Berry Collectable: Eryth Sea
Trade: Talia (Alcamoth ☆1)
3 50,000 G 2 x Squall Element Bono Nebula in Eryth Sea
Trade: Nelo (Alcamoth ☆3)
Trade: En Argentis after Mechonis Core
2 x Snow Element Reef Nebula in Valak Mountain
Trade: Yura (Valak, overtrade)
3 x Lemonade Sky Collectable: Makna Forest
Trade: Kilaki, Rono (☆3)
4 130,000 G 3 x Flexible Selua Cell Largo Selua in Bionis' Interior
3 x Steel Selua Cell Wool Selua in Bionis' Interior
2 x Rainbow Slug Collectable: Fallen Arm
2 x Azure Hollyhock Collectable: Mechonis Field
Trade: Scarlen after Mechonis Core
5 400,000 G 2 x Inferno Element Cratere Nebula in Prison Island
2 x Bolt Element Solare Nebula in Prison Island
3 x Blue Light Amp Collectable: Agniratha
Trade: Oleksiy (Colony 6 ☆5)
2 x Angel Engine X Collectable: Central Factory
Trade: Shilx (Colony 6 ☆5)
3 x Rabbit Diode Collectable: Colony 9
Trade: Moritz (☆1)

Completion Rewards

Condition Reward
Housing Lvl 5

Oriental Glasses

Commerce Lvl 5

Titan Arms

Nature Lvl 5


Special Lvl 5

Master Glasses

All Lvl 1

Ultra Small Reactor

All Lvl 2


All Lvl 3

Topple Plus IV

All Lvl 4

Debuff Resist V

All Lvl 5

Titan Plate


Name Requirement
Renewed Determination Shulk and Reyn - Heart Affinity
Strength of Heart Shulk and Duban - Heart Affinity
The Colony Reborn Shulk and Sharla - Heart Affinity
One Year On Reyn and Duban - Cloudy Affinity
Recovery and Reflection Fiora and Duban - Cloudy Affinity
Quiet Time Fiora and Riki - Cloudy Affinity
Dunban's Right Arm Sharla and Duban - Cloudy Affinity