The Coiled Launcher is a treasure in Pikmin 2 that is actually a rusted spring. It is found on the 3rd sublevel of the Subterranean Complex. It is the 133th treasure on the List of Pikmin 2 treasures in the NTSC version and the 132th in the PAL version.


Captain Olimar's Journal

"I tried flying this thing once, but it moved too rapidly and I contracted vertigo. Maybe it could be used as an amusement ride. The youngins would love it! However, I don't think I'll ever ride it again..."

Sales Pitch

"Just an ordinary spring? Hardly! This is a high-speed thrill ride tested by one of our employees! Jump aboard for a ride so fast, it'll make you see other worlds!"


  • It is supposed to be a reference to the Gravity Jumper in the first game.
  • The Coiled Launcher was originally going to be called the Psychotic Jumper.
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