Coconut Mall is a course in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. It takes place in a bustling shopping mall and, as the name implies, features plenty of shops, and escalators. In one portion of the race you can drive through a shop using it as a shortcut, however, it is necessary to use a boost, as the floor slows you. Miis can be seen in various sections of the track.


Mario Kart Wii

You'll start out in the parking lot, just outside the entrance. Next you will drive up some escalators (and later go down another one, optional), and take a hairpin to the right just to arrive to some down escalators or jump off a ramp to join with the rest of the track. Pass a fountain and head up some more escalators. Turn right in a metal tunnel, and arrive in a dining place. After swerving around the tables and trees, go up another tunnel and into a small passage which divides into a hallway and one more metal tunnel. Either way, you'll jump out of the mall and then turn right into some cars. After dodging the cars you will arrive at the starting line.

Mario Kart 7

Coconut Mall returns as the third track in the Banana Cup.


  • Water was added in 7's iteration, likely to prevent a glitch that was possible in Wii that allowed the player to complete the whole track quickly.
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