Clubbas are lazy Spike soldiers that wield spiked clubs similar in appearance to an ordinary Spike's ball. They only appear in the Paper Mario series.


Paper Mario

The first Clubbas appeared in Paper Mario, where they were commonly seen as guards in the castle of Tubba Blubba. Only a few of Tubba Blubba's Clubba henchmen actively guard the castle, and if Mario so wished, he can simply sneak by sleeping Clubbas, who only wake up if Mario moved quickly. After completing Chapter 3, all enemies abandon Tubba Blubba's Castle except for one Clubba in the first floor east wing. He apparently fell asleep and got left behind and when talked to, he wakes up and realizes this before falling asleep again.

If the player chooses a Clubba as one of the things Mario fears in a Princess Peach intermission, Kammy Koopa summons one to guard a Treasure Chest in the Shy Guy's Toy Box. Later in Paper Mario, a single Clubba appears as a sleeping guard in Peach's Castle; sleeping while it was supposed to be guarding a door in the castle. This Clubba can have its appearance copied by Princess Peach and her Sneaky Parasol. Clubbas attack by whacking Mario with their club.

A more powerful variety known as White Clubbas make an appearance in Chapter 7 on Shiver Mountain and inside Crystal Palace.

Super Paper Mario

Clubbas appear again in Super Paper Mario, where they appear in all the surface areas of the Gap of Crag. They have very high HP in this game. Once more, they were often found napping and could be avoided by the player's character. A Clubba can also be fought against in Castle Bleck as an optional enemy, like in Paper Mario. There was also a very brief mentioning of Tubba Blubba by Francis. According to him, Tubba Blubba stars in his own TV series called The Blubbening. A subspecies of Clubba, the Dark Clubba, also appears in this game.


  • While Tubba Blubba and Grubba have names based on Clubbas in English versions, neither of them are club-wielding soldiers, which primarily distinguishes Clubbas from Spikes.
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