Cloud Strife is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, as well as it's film sequel Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and is the most recognizable Final Fantasy character. He is a skilled swordsman, and believes himself to be a member of SOLDIER, an elite warrior unit for Shinra.

This is due to Cloud's friendship with Zack Fair (a SOLDIER 1st Class) while working as a security guard for the Shinra Company and being exposed to Mako poisoning. This served to both "cloud" his memories and give Cloud's eyes a 'greenish glow hue' which is the main trait in SOLDIER's members.

Despite being one of the weakest weapons of FF7, Cloud's main weapon of choice is the Buster Sword, a sword given to him by Zack, who was passed down by his mentor Angeal Hewley.

Cloud is both the Square Enix & Final Fantasy representative in Super Smash Bros. However, Steve Burton was not asked to reprise his role for Super Smash Bros. due to conflicts regarding his contract with Square Enix, so Takahiro Sakurai's voice is used in all international versions.

Physical appearance

Cloud is a young man with spiky blond hair and blue eyes. His outfit is dark purple and sleeveless. He wears a single pauldron with 4 bolts.


In his Advent Children costume, he wears a black outfit with a new pauldron and a badge representing fenrir. His hair is different and wears a sleeve on his left arm. around his left leg is a long black cloth and under his sleeve is a pink ribbon to remember his late friend Aerith.


Cloud later became a member of AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist rebel group that opposed Shinra and its actions in order to save the planet.

Cloud's weapon, the Buster Sword, has two holes near the handguard. These represent it's slots for Materia, orbs that allow characters use of magic and abilities. When not used, they serve as a means for Cloud to clips his sword onto his back


Kingdom Hearts

He makes appearances in both Chain of Memories and Re:coded. In Chain of Memories, he is as a boss in the Olympus Coliseum and as a summon for Sora later. In Re: coded, he is hired by Hades to defeat Hercules within the glitched labyrinthine coliseum. After his defeat, he joins Sora and Hercules briefly. He also appears in the game's final level, Castle Oblivion.

Super Smash Bros. series

Cloud makes his appearance as one of the DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. Cloud returned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and later joined with Sephiroth in the roster.


  • Neutral Special: Blade Beam
  • Side Special: Cross Slash
  • Up Special: Climhazzard
  • Down Special: Limit Charge / Finishing Touch
  • Final Smash: Omnislash

Alternate Costumes

Cloud has his Advent Children costume as for 4 of his alternate costumes. The costume has several different features including the Fusion Swords instead of the Buster Sword.


Final Fantasy Explorers

Cloud appears in this as a special summon for the characters. They gain the strength and buster sword for a limited time against the enemy.


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  • Cloud is the first playable character in Smash Bros. to have originated from a Sony platform. The next is Joker from Persona 5 on the PlayStation 3.