Cloud Nine(JP) is a Pokémon ability introduced in the third generation.


When the Pokémon with this ability enters the battle, all effects of weather are negated (though the weather itself does not disappear).

In extremely harsh sunlight, heavy rain or during heavy winds, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sandstorm and Hail will still fail if used and Abilities Drought, Drizzle, Sand Stream and Snow Warning fail to activate. All other weather conditions are negated by Cloud Nine.

Pokemon with this ability

Psyduck Golduck
PKMN054.png PKMN055.png

As a Hidden Ability

Lickitung Swablu Altaria Lickilicky Drampa
PKMN108.png PKMN333.png PKMN334.png PKMN463.png PKMNSM780.png


  • This ability's effects are identical to that of Air Lock.
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