Clone Andy is a non playable CO and a clone of Orange Star's Andy. He was created by Black Hole and used to start a war between Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth, after which Sturm would be able to conquer the weakened nations. He was defeated by Andy and Eagle. It is unknown what happened to Clone Andy after Sturm's defeat.


Clone Andy is responsible for the conflicts that have engulfed Wars World. He commanded Black Hole forces during several attacks on Green Earth, Blue Moon, and Yellow Comet, under the guise of the real Andy, causing them to become hostile towards Orange Star. His existence is not known for most of the game, but hinted at by Hawke who claims Andy commanded the forces that attacked Green Earth. During one attack in particular the clone destroyed a city in Green Earth causing Eagle to develop a grudge against it and the real Andy.

The Clone's existance is finally revealed by Sonja after Mission 18. She explains that the attacks all took place during Olaf's invasion of Orange Star, and Orange Star couldn't attack while trying to repel the invasion. The Clone finally appears in Mission 19: "Andy Times Two" where it is confronted and defeated by Andy and the Orange Star COs. During the battle the Clone has all the same powers as the real Andy. While it shares his appearence and powers the clone has none of Andy's personality, shown by it speaking in a robotic emotionless tone. What happens to the clone after Sturm's defeat is unknown.

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