The Clockwork Soldiers are a trio of portrait ghosts found in the third floor in Luigi's Mansion. They are blue, pink, or green in their colors.


These ghost-like toys are found in the Clockwork Room in this game. The Clockwork Soldiers were first still, but if Luigi winds up all three clocks that are found somewhere in this room, they awaken and attack Luigi with their Cork Gun toy. In order to defeat them, Luigi must suck up the wind up key first with his Poltergust 3000, then suck up the three ghostly toys. All three of them have 100 HP. After defeating all three of them, the lights will turn on and the playhouse doors will open, which will open an entrance to the roof.


  • Only the blue Clockwork Soldier gives out pearls.
  • One of the ending pictures in the credits show Luigi's Poltergust 3000 sucking up a Clockwork Soldier.
  • They are the only ghosts in Luigi's Mansion with legs.
  • Along with Henry and Orville, the Clockwork Soldiers are the only one of the two portrait ghosts that are fought by a group.
  • Altogether, the Clockwork Soldiers have 300 HP, making them possess the second highest amount of Hp. The first being King Boo who possesses 500 HP.
  • In Spanish, all three soldiers are named "Claudio", "Francisco", and "Rodrigo". The names "Claudio", "Francisco", and "Rodrigo" are typical Spanish male names.
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