Clockwork Castle is the last board in Mario Party 6. It is purchasable for 100 Stars from the Star Bank. The board is based around a castle in the sky and is divided into 4 areas.

Board Elements

The board's method of getting stars is tricky. The players must chase down Donkey Kong to gain a star. However, when it turns night, Bowser replaces Donkey Kong and catching him will take away a star (or 20 coins). Either character rolls after each player rolls, and can gain an extra dice block based on an action they take before rolling.

In addition, the board changes direction with the time of day. During the day, the path is clockwise while at night, the path is counterclockwise.

The four areas of the board are the courtyard where the players start, Twila's Airship, Brighton's Temple and the castle. Both the castle and courtyard have pipes to get around quickly though some are not active at night.

Event Spaces

The green space in the courtyard near the pipes change the pipes' color, changing where they lead. The Green Space at the castle has a 50% chance of changing the time of day. The Green space at the back of Twila's ship will give players a chance to get an Orb by using a fishing rod to fish it out of the clouds. The Green space behind Brighton's Temple will summon a UFO that takes the player back to the start.

If the player lands on the Green Space in front of Brighton's Temple during the day or Twila's airship in the night, Brighton or Twila will appear in front of their respective homes and make two treasure boxes appear, one having a star inside, and the other having coins.


  • This is one of the few final boards without a Bowser theme.
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