The Clock Tower is the first boss in Epic Mickey.


The Clock Tower original had a smiling face. However, it became grinning and had arms to smash Mickey. It plays an instrumental and horrifying version of "It's a Small World".


The Clock Tower will begin the battle by using his arms to damage Mickey. During the battle, Mickey has two options:

Paint Path

To redeem the Clock Tower, Mickey must paint its arms, but not completely. If it's completely painted, it'll defrost when going for the other arm and Mickey will have to repaint again. If Mickey painted both arms at once, the Clock Tower will take Mickey to his face. Mickey must paint it to defeat it. Doing so earns the "Stop the Music" pin.

Thinner Path

Mickey must erase its hands to destroy it. After its hands are destroyed, Mickey must thin its arms. After they're destroyed, the Clock Tower will malfunction.


  • In the good ending, the Clock Tower is happy when the Gremlins are dancing to "It's a Small World".
  • In the bad ending, the Clock Tower's face is stuck as his ear floats away.

Both endings mean how well you manage time.

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