Not to be confused with Ice Climber. Climber is a Game & Watch video game released in the Crystal Screen format in 1986 and the New Wide Screen format in 1988. The game was never released in Japan, and an estimated 250,000 of the New Wide Screen version were produced by Nintendo. The model number for the Crystal Screen version is DR-802, while the model number for the New Wide Screen game is DR-106. Some speculate that the game is based on the Ice Climber NES game, though this is unconfirmed.

In Climber, you are a child known as Climber who, with the help of Lord Meiji's teachings, jumps across platforms trying to get to the top of Block Mountain while avoiding enemies and platforms that move. The enemies are the Blockmen, which walk and turn into block platforms when they reach a gap; Eyerom, birds that fly and get in the Climber's way; and thorny plants, which are obstacles in the way of Climber's movements. In each set of 5 levels, the first 4 ends with a bonus game where Climber has 2 chances to time his jump to catch Hentori, the bonus bird. On the fifth level, Climber must jump and grab the sword at the correct time to stab and defeat Dragalo the dragon.

Both versions of the game were essentially the same with only minor differences. There's a cheat in the game where if you press the jump button while also pressing the GAME button, you'll start the game at the sixth level.

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