The Lurking Slurker is an enemy in the Pikmin series that is a member of the Umbloda Family. It only appear in Hey! Pikmin. Like other members of the Umbloda Family, it resemble a jellyfish. The Lurking Slurker is a small spotless pink Umbloda with a unique feather at the top of its head.


The Clicking Slurker float above the ground waiting for its prey to walk under it, it will then extent its appendage to trap small creature inside, it will then retract the appendage and send its prey directly in its stomach which is linked to the appendage. If Captain Olimar throw Pikmin at the appendage while he is extended, the Clicking Slurker will fall and be vulnerable to attacks.


Hey! Pikmin


Hey! Pikmin log

The warm air trapped within its body keeps it floating. From the air, it drops its long tongue to catch its prey. On a totally unrelated note: why the feather on its head? Is it for attracting a mate or something?

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