Cleo is a playable character in Dragalia Lost.


Cleo has pink eyes and pink hair with blue hair tips tied into twintails with a earlike hair ties with bells. She wears a black, white, and blue dress with white stockings with black shoes.

Official Description

A girl who defended the Halidom for ages while it was sealed in mist and always has control of her emotions. She now aids the new master of the Halidom, Euden, and is known for her intense housework skills.

Official Decription (Dragonyule Cleo)

Cleo has donned a Saint Starfall outfit in order to hand out presents for Dragonyule. She's also in charge of cooking, decorating, and planning the festivities, but seeing everyone happy is reward enough for all her hard work.

Official Description (Gala Cleo)

After discovering an ancient wand in the castle, Cleo has gained new power and taken her place on the front lines. Her tactical acumen more than makes up for her questionable stamina, and she intends to do much more than heal the wounded.

Official Description (Summer Cleo)

Even the Halidom's most capable retainer has taken to the beach, and, armed with an umbrella and clad in a lovely swimsuit, she's as sweet as any summer flower - though she hasn't fully warmed to her new attire.

Official Description (Forager Cleo)

Having awoken to the joys of eating in the great outdoors, Cleo dons more comfortable clothes and sets off into the wild with a rucksack on her back. Even if you were forced to rough it, you needn't fear going hungry with her around!

Official Description (Yukata Cleo)

Cleo dons something breezier to run a candied apple stand at the summer festival. Her sweet, refreshing treats have debuted to rave reviews, but some customers find the quaint proprietress herself to be the real main attraction.

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Dragonyule Cleo

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Gala Cleo

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Summer Cleo

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Forager Cleo

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Yukata Cleo

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Official Profile

Posted by the Dragalia Lost Twitter account on April 7, 2022.[1]

  • Hobbies: Home gardening
  • Talents: Housework
  • Likes: Drawing
  • Dislikes: Slovenly people


  • Cleo has the most alternate appearances out of all Dragalia Lost characters, with five.