Cleftor is a Hyper Bald Cleft who fights in the Glitz Pit in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a member of the Punk Rocks, also known as the "Green Torture Squad," in the minor league division. Initially, Cleftor shows little respect for Mario. After Mario defeats him, Cleftor begins to respect the mustached warrior. Also, according to Goombella, he is a nice guy at heart, but dislikes Mario's mustache. Cleftor appears to like King K, as Master Crash claimed to have found him crying in a locker when King K vanished despite Cleftor's denial.

Field Tattle

  • That's Cleftor. He might sound a bit gruff... But I think he's actually nicer than he sounds, y'know? Maybe he's just a little shy.


  • Grack! No closer.
  • Grack! Stache must work out.
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