Claud (JP)​ is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the duke of Edda Castle and a priest of the Blaggi Church. Being the direct descendant of Blaggi, he is the inheritor of the Valkyrie Staff.


Claud is introduced alongside his admirer Tailtiu when they meet Sigurd while they are traveling to Blaggi Tower to discover the truth behind Kurth's death. In his first scene with Sigurd, he informs him that he and Byron have been accused of murdering Kurth and thus have been branded as traitors. Later, Claud arrives at the tower and reclaims the Valkyrie Staff. He also learns that Lombard and Reptor are the people behind Kurth's death. After leaving, he encounters Sigurd on in a battle against the Orgahill Pirates and enlists in his army alongside Tailtiu.

After Sigurd flees to Silesse, Claud returns to Grannvale in an attempt to inform King Azmur of the truth behind Kurth's death, but he is silenced by Reptor and Lombard, whom of whom declare him to be a traitor. Following this, he is forced to flee to Silesse, where he reunites with Sigurd.

Claud is presumed to have perished at the Battle of Belhalla. This is supported by the events of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, in which Father Sleuf of the Blaggi Church claims to have communicated with his spirit in the Blaggi Tower.

He is believed to be Sylvia's older brother, although they could merely be distant cousins instead. Both of them possess Blaggi blood, and if he marries her, both of her children will inherit major blood.

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