Classic NES Series: Pac-Man is a Game Boy Advance port of Namco's Nintendo Entertainment System version of Pac-Man. The game was released in 2004 by Nintendo. It was part of the first batch of Classic NES Series games, which were emulations of NES titles that when it came to omissions or additions, the games contained few to none.


Of the games released, critics were generally less than pleased with this game. One primary argument that critics had was that Pac-Man Collection, a game that was also for the Game Boy Advance, had already been released, contained four games instead of one (including this title), and had the same price tag of $20. GameCube Advance stated that Namco Museum was also a far better buy as it contained Ms. Pac-Man along with a few other Namco games. Pac-Man itself can be deemed unnecessary for this series, as it has seen countless releases onto various consoles since its inception.

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