Classic NES Series: Ice Climber is a Game Boy Advance port of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Ice Climber. It was released as part of the Classic NES Series games, which were made to be almost exact emulations of the classic titles, with few to no omissions or additions. Unlike Classic NES Series: Bomberman, this game retained its multiplayer mode which made it so unique. This is not the first time that the game was released on the Game Boy Advance, as Nintendo also released it in the form of Ice Climber-e for the e-Reader, which cost much less than it cartridge counterpart at $5 compared to this titles' $20.


The opinions of critics were varied, some highly positive yet some extremely negative. Play Magazine gave the game a 3.3/10 saying that the only portion of the game that was enjoyable was its cooperative mode, while in contrast Thunderbolt gave the game a 9/10 saying that its "still a great purchase on the GBA, due to its unique multiplayer appeal and classic Nintendo attention to gameplay". Cinescape said that Ice Climber is a game few have played, so it's one of the better games to pick up due to this fact. IGN explained that they recommended the title due to its two player support and high score saving ability.


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