Classic NES Series: Excitebike (Famicom Mini Series: Excitebike in Japan) is a Game Boy Advance port of Excitebike released in 2004. This game is not the first time that the original was remade for the Game Boy Advance, as Nintendo had previously released it as Excitebike-e for the e-Reader at a much more expendable price of $5 compared to this title's $20 price. There were no omissions to this game, but only one addition, which comes in the form of being able to save your tracks. The graphics and gameplay remain the same.


The critics who reviewed the game were generally split over their opinions. Play Magazine and Nintendo Power both rewarded the game in the upper fifties (Nintendo Power's score was an average), though Play Magazine stated that the ability to save your tracks is a welcome addition. GameSpot, who gave the game a 6.2/10, stated that the game isn't probably worth the price tag, though that its nevertheless a "solid trip down memory lane". GamePro incorrectly thought that the track designer was new to this version of the game, and rewarded it with an 4/5.


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