Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong is a Game Boy Advance port of the classic Donkey Kong released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Because it is a remake of the NES game instead of the arcade version, it does not contain the Pie Factory. The game was released in 2004 in all territories. This was not the first time that Donkey Kong was made available on the Game Boy Advance, as it was present in the form of Donkey Kong-e for the e-Reader. The e-Reader version cost one fourth the amount of this game at $5 (this title cost $20). Interestingly, the game features the alternating multiplayer mode of the original when the player uses the link cable. A special feature was added to save high scores, something the original did not do.


Game Informer was favorable, saying that "regardless oof (sic) the omissions and primitive gameplay, Donkey Kong is pure handheld history, and it's still got that irresistible old-school charm.", giving the game an 8/10. Some, however, such as Gaming Age and Play Magazine, were a bit more critical of the game, rewarding it with a 4.2 and 5.8 out of ten, respectively. They did not feel that the content in the game justified the price tag. GamePro felt the same way, saying that it was a lot to ask for a game that did not feature the titles' cement factory. 1up said that Donkey Kong '94 was not only better because it featured the cement factory, but 96 other levels, whereas this game only had an astonishingly low three. However, as this is a direct port of the NES version, it emulates only that version's three levels.

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