The Classic Controller is a special controller attachment for the Wii Remote. While it is compatible with any Virtual Console game, it is heavily designed after the SNES controller and Sega Genesis controller. Many Wii games can also be played with the Classic Controller.

The classic controller was the first of many "traditional" controllers that Nintendo would release with each home console ever since in order to allow a more traditional option from their more quirky primary controllers.

Classic Controller Pro

Classic Controller Pro

The Classic Controller Pro is an updated variant of the Classic Controller. It features grips, much like the GameCube controller, and moves the cord from the bottom of the controller to the top, making the cord a little bit less bothersome. The Pro is also larger, reducing the cramped feel of the controller.

The grips, however, remove the controller's SNES/Genesis like feel. It was released alongside Monster Hunter 3 as the controller of choice.


  • The Classic Controller is the first of many to feature the ZL and ZR buttons, which are now a standard on primary controllers. Prior to this generation, Nintendo controllers never featured a full set of 4 shoulder / trigger buttons, leaving Z to be a button of its own instead of split between left and right variations.
  • Since the Wii Remote has the same port as the NES Classic and SNES Classic systems, you can plug the classic controller into those systems.
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