City Connection(JP) is a 1985 arcade video game developed by Jaleco. The platform was converted for Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX and made available via Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and Wii U. The PlayStation 4 version of Arcade Archives: City Connection was released in the PlayStation Store in 2015.


A girl named Clarice for a bet with a girlfriend has to color the road platforms of 12 locations around the world driving a car despite having no license (she is still underage). In each of them will be hindered by police patrols . Among the places to visit are New York, London, Paris, Agra, Beijing, the Easter Island.


The player controls the car of Clarice, a small utility of red. Three are the lives initially available, which can be augmented by attaining certain scores.

You lose a life in three ways:

  • Colliding with police cars
  • Investing cats on the roadway
  • Finishing against concrete tips that will materialize suddenly if Clarice's car remains too long on the same road platform

They use the joystick (to control the vehicle) and two buttons: one is used to jump, the other to launch petrol tanks with which police patrols can be eliminated. Cats and concrete tips, on the other hand, can only be dodged.

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