Chunky Kong is a character who debuted in Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64. Chunky is the older brother of Kiddy Kong. Chunky Kong is a big, strong ape that helps Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, and Lanky Kong on their mission to defeat K. Rool and his Kremling army. To attack, he uses a bazooka that launches pineapples at switches and enemies instead of using his arms. However, he can also pack a powerful right hand punch which is so strong, he can knock almost any enemy senseless. He is not as fast as the other Kongs, but he makes up for it in raw strength. Strong as he is, Chunky is actually a cowardly soul and very gentle. He plays the Triangle.

Chunky's most notable technique is his ability to increase his size dramatically to duke it out with the larger bosses within the game. He uses this ability to take on K. Rool with his Primate Punch in the final round. Chunky Kong makes his first and only real appearance in Donkey Kong 64 as a playable character, and is unlocked by Lanky in Frantic Factory. Chunky works with the color green in the game, collecting green bananas, using green coins as his money, and more. He is the final character in the official order of the Kongs in the game, Donkey, Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, Chunky. He fights the second encounter with Dogadon, and also is, in order, the third character you can use against King Kut Out, and is the final character you use against K. Rool.

A very amusing thing about Chunky occurs when you highlight him in the tag barrel. While the other Kongs show off when highlighted, Chunky becomes terrified. He looks around a bit, then points and gestures frantically in Tiny's direction and says "Tiny". When you move the spotlight away from him, he sighs with relief, unlike the other Kongs who become frustrated. (And he still tries to get your attention!)

He also makes a small cameo appearance in the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! in one of Funky's minigames.

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