The following is a list of quotes from Chrono Trigger.


  • (to Crono, regarding Frog) "Yummy frog! For Ayla eat?"


  • "In the basement, there's a huge computer and a storage center for food. But we can't get through 'cause of the robot guards. It's a pity."


  • "If only Fritz would return. I'd ask for nothing more!"


  • "Ma'am, you're mistaken, I'm not a pet, I'm a Knight and master swordsman."
  • "Crono, you hath potential to be a good swordsman!"


  • "YOU beat me? I don't get it! You can challenge me anytime. We'll ride the wind, babe!"


  • "Hey Crono, how did you pick up a cutie like her?"
  • "It was a stroke of luck that we were sent here through that Gate."
  • "We're from way after the day after tomorrow."


  • "There's a letter here. Shall we burn it?"
  • "I survived the darkness to defeat you, Lavos!"


  • "There's only one thing we can do! We must change history! Just like Crono did when he saved me!"


  • "This weapon represents considerable power... Your actions may either save or destroy life. Wield your sword with full knowledge of the consequences!"


  • "Crono... Crono! Good morning, Crono!"


  • "There is nothing left for me here. Together, maybe we can give this planet of ours a chance."

Other quotes

  • Girl at the Millennial Fair: "They say people who hear Leene's Bell ring will have interesting and happy lives!"
  • In-game message after using the Enertron: "HP/MP restored! But you're still hungry."
  • Man in Trann Dome: "Save money. It'll do ya good. That's my motto."
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