The Chiritory set.

The Chiritorie (sometimes referred to as a Chiritory) was a device by Gunpei Yokoi and Nintendo released during the time period when Hiroshi Yamauchi was moving away from the Hanafuda cards business. It's a remote controlled vacuum cleaner. The owner can stay far away from the vacuum and control it with a remote control that came with the package. After a while the person will be required to empty the dirt in the vacuum cleaner.

WarioWare series

In WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! for the Game Boy Advance, there is a mini game where the player controls a Chiritorie. In it, the Chiritorie is constantly rotating and the direction in which it is facing is indicated by an arrow. On the platform there are many circles which can be sucked up with the Chiritorie. The goal of the player is to suck up the circles by accelerating the Chiritorie when the arrow is pointing in the direction of the dirt. If completed successfully, the player will not lose a life. There is a VS. mode to where players try and collect the dirt before the other player. This mode lasts much longer.

A Chiritorie minigame was also present in WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase for WiiWare. It was the boss stage of 18-Volt's micro game collection and featured a Mario Bros. cameo in the form of a green fireball. It was not as advanced as the Game Boy Advance version due to being created with tools that were meant to be easy to use for the player (and do not allow for anything too complicated).