Image of the Chill Bully.

The Chill Bully[1], also known generically as the Bully[2][3], is a type of Bully found in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. Its appearance is much different from most Bullies, with a light blue body approximately the size of Big Bully and a single golden spike on the top of its head. It only appears in the 10th course, Snowman's Land.

In this level, the Bully walks around on an ice platform above a pool of extremely cold water; touching this water has similar effects to touching lava. When the Bully is defeated, it releases a Power Star. A smaller counterpart of the Chill Bully exists in Super Mario 64's code, but it was not used in the final game.

Unlike other Bullies, Chill Bully can be defeated in the DS remake by having Yoshi obtain a Power Flower and using his power breath to push it off the platform. This is most likely due to its icy nature and Wario can use a Power Flower to turn metal and push the Bully by simply walking into it.


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