Chief Dunga is the leader of the Nopon race and the Chief of the sole Nopon settlement found in Xenoblade Chronicles Frontier Village. His residence is on one of the upper levels of Frontier Village. Dunga is very strong, he is said to have singlehandedly brought Nopon Tower to the village. He is also the seer of the Nopons.


Arrival at Frontier Village

Chief Dunga is initially introduced as the leader of Frontier Village and of all the Nopons. He agrees to allow the traveling group of Homs access to Eryth Sea.

However, Melia does not wish to continue with her friends, Dunga overhears a brief argument between the group and suggests she accept their help in slaying the "Dinobeast".

Introducing Riki

Chief Dunga "allows" Riki to join the group of Homs on their quest to slay the Telethia. He introduces him as the Legendary Heropon, who is immediately knocked out by Reyn, causing the other Nopon to shout, cheer, and taunt. The other Nopon are shown to greatly respect their Chief as he silences them with a shout. He then officially introduces the Heropon for the year, Riki.

A Premonition

Chief Dunga is impressed when Riki returns to tell all of how he defeated the Telethia. And whilst he agrees that Riki's debt has been paid, he notes that Riki's children ate ravenously and set him back. In order to pay this new debt, Chief Dunga announces that Riki will further his legend by accompanying the Homs for the rest of the adventure. It is insinuated by this that Chief Dunga made up the whole Heropon legend to begin with, but when Riki get mad and protest, Dunga simply responds that his instinct is never wrong. Chief Dunga grants permission to allow the Homs to continue to Eryth Sea.

The Allied Front

Chief Dunga is present at the negotiations made for an allied front of all of the races of the Bionis against the Mechons. He offers the aid of the Nopon to Kallian without a second thought.

Second battle of Sword Valley

Dunga is also heard at the Second battle of Sword Valley, encouraging the Nopon warriors. During these periods, he will not be present at Frontier Village.


Chief Dunga survived the reawakening and destruction of Mechonis and Bionis, for he is seen in Colony 9, watching Colonel Vangarre berating a subordinate.


  • Chief Dunga is the tallest Nopon seen in the entire series.