Chibi-Robo, is the titular main protagonist of the Chibi-Robo! series, which consists of five titles (six including a Wii remake of the original game). Chibi-Robo is a line of robots that serve the family that purchased them. There are thousands of Chibi-Robos in the game's universe, though the player takes control of only one. He runs on rechargeable batteries that it can upgrade to hold more (and eventually infinite) electricity. He is assisted by Telly Vision who gives Chibi-Robo advice on how to earn Happy Points in the original game.


During the course of the games, Chibi-Robo will come in possession of a variety of tools that will help him tidy up the house and dispatch of alien robots as well as find secret areas. Each game has different tools, though some return from previous iterations. The tools the player had in the original game and its Wii remake include:

  • Chibi-Copter: This is a tool you'll begin the game with. It's primary purpose is to gently float down to the ground, as if you drop too quickly the Chibi-Robo will faint. It uses the same amount of power as walking.
  • Toothbrush: The toothbrush is Chibi-Robo's main cleaning utensil. When the player finds a patch of dirt or something else that needs scrubbing, they can press the A button when Chibi-Robo is holding the brush to make him scrub the floor.
  • Chibi-Blaster: Use this to shoot down enemies and find secret areas.
  • Spoon: The Spoon is used to dig holes in dirt and occasionally bury something.
  • Squirter: Will eject liquid, though its effect varies depending on what type of liquid is inserted into it.
  • Chibi-Radar: Will allow the player to detect secret areas.
  • Mug: Shields the player from Spydorz and other harmful things.

Super Smash Bros. series

Chibi-Robo appears as both a trophy and as a sticker in the Wii video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Telly Vision, his companion from the original title, also appears as a trophy.

Trophy description

"A tiny, independently operating robot that helps keep a household happy. Chibi-Robo stands roughly 4 inches tall. The mere sight of the brave Chibi-Robo working to solve the problems of the Sanderson family is awe inspiring. When he lights up red, it's a sign that his battery is nearly gone. If Chibi-Robo doesn't find an outlet to plug in his cord tail, he'll collapse."

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