Chibi-Robo (JP) is a game for the Nintendo GameCube that was released in 2005 and 2006. The game consists of a tiny robot named Chibi-Robo who cleans up a house with crazy people living there and talking toys. During the game, he encounters enemies whom he haves to blast with a Chibi-Blaster, and he also encounters many puzzles that he has to solve.

Main characters

  • Chibi-Robo - The silent protagonist (similar to Mario or Link). He is a small robot that will do the chores for the Sandersons.
  • Telly Vision - A tiny flying television that goes along with Chibi-Robo. He always seems to be worried about the tiny robot he travels with.
  • Mr. Sanderson - The head of the household. He is obsessed with toys. He has no job but is always buying toys.
  • Mrs. Sanderson - An ever working mother of a girl who thinks she's a frog and wife to a toy obsessed loafer. She is always worried abut bills.
  • Jenny - A young girl who claims to have been cursed by a frog wizard. She only speaks in ribbits and wears a frog head.


The gameplay is quite simple - clean up around the Sanderson's house. However, it does get more in-depth as Chibi-Robo progresses through the story. Since the robot is only four inches tall, it will be hard for him to traverse around the house, with minor house hold objects acting as major obstacles for the tiny robot. The robot is also able to obtain brand new items that are needed to beat the game such as the Chibi-Blaster and Chibi-Copter (most of his items have "Chibi" in the front of them).

The whole game takes place in either the Sanderson's house, or their back yard. The sequel to the game changes this, as the character explores a park.

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