Chessmaster is a Game Boy Advance video game that was created by Ubisoft near the beginning of the console's life. Up to 2 players are allowed to play via a GBA link cord and two cartridges.



In all, there are four modes - Standard, Board Setup, Multiplayer and Handicap, among other options as well including a tutor. In standard mode, you'll go up against one of 11 different opponents, each one with a better skill level than the last.

If you wish to play against the rules, they play handicap, which will allow you to remove one piece from your opponent's board and one piece from your own. This will be helpful for beginners who can't manage to get past the tougher pieces such as the queen. For blatant reasons you're not allowed to get rid of the king.

Board setup will go even farther and allow you to place the Chess pieces anywhere you want on the board, and multiplayer will, as aforementioned, allow you to go head to head with a friend who has the same game.

Chess Tutor

This is the addition that tells you all about how to play chess, and is for beginners and masters. You're allowed to ask the tutor for information before the game, but also during it. Another neat addition is the fact that you can observe over 150 famous chess games that have occurred over the years.

It should also be noted that among the 150 recreated matches is the one between HAL and Frank Poole in the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Other information

The game includes 10 different chess sets, each one with its own theme, ranging from medieval sets and wooden ones, among many others.

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