Cheryl is an elder Homs in Xenoblade Chronicles. She can be found on the second floor of Colony 9, near the Gem Man's Stall. She had a son who died during a travel to the Bionis' head.

Affinity Links


For items without a page, check the Collectopaedia page. Those with numbers are Gems.

Item Affinity level Value
Small Scale 1☆ N/A
Black Kiwi 3☆ N/A
Slow Resist I 3☆ N/A
Caravan Gauntlets (0 slots) 3☆ N/A
Krabble Stone 4☆ N/A
Slow Resist II 5☆ N/A
Dawn Hydrangea Overtrade 1,500 G

Given Quests

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