Chelle is a character in Dragalia Lost. She is one of Euden’s siblings and the third heir. She is pactbound to the dragon Cat Sìth. Originally introduced as an NPC, she became playable as of Chapter 16's release.

Physical appearance

Chelle has long blonde hair and green eyes. On her head is a tiara with a red gem. She is dressed in a purple and white dress with dark colored sleeves and golden bracelets.


In Chapter 9, she sent a letter to Euden inviting him to a party at her castle.

Official Description

The third scion of Alberia. Though she is given to seeking pleasure, she is also a tactical genius in informational warfare, having built a potent network of spies she calls her "kittens" who help her achieve her goal of utter supremacy.

Official Description (Gala Chelle)

The third scion of Alberia has set her sights on an even bigger stage—the world! As a shrewd diplomat, she has many cards to play when negotiating with other nations, including the manacaster development that she leads.

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