Cheep Cheep Lagoon, (known as Cheep Cheep Cape in Europe), is the third race course found in the Mushroom Cup. It is also the first course taking place underwater.


When starting the race, the player must drive on a brownish-yellowish tinted pathway. Very shortly after the starting line, there is a ledge going upwards with a Boost Pad and a sign saying "Go! Dive! Go!".

After this, the player goes underwater with his/her propeller on the back of the kart activated. Underwater, Cheep-Cheeps are in the background of the stage and do no harm. There is also speed bumps where the player can do tricks on. Shortly after, three Clampies can be found underwater with Coins and Item Boxes in them. They, however, clamp their mouths shut after a while of time, injuring the player.

Shortly after, the player is then led out of the water for a short while and then led inside of a cavern. Here, a short route and a longer route can be taken to exit the cave. The shorter route has a glide pad, allowing the player to glide throughout the air if gone of and avoid the other route. The other route has two crabs must be avoided or else spinning is caused. Then, the player must be led out of the cave by two Boost Pads. Then, a loop must be made and, shortly after, the finish line can be seen. This must be repeated two more times.

Ghost Data

  • 1.53.758 for Nin*Gonta selecting Peach.
  • 1.42.011 for Nin*Tkdr selecting Peach.

Names in other languages

  • Japanese: Puku Puku Ragun (Cheep Cheep Lagoon)
  • French: Lagon Aquazo (Aquazo Lagoon)
  • Spanish: Cabo Cheep Cheep (Cheep Cheep Cape)
  • Dutch: Kaap Cheep Cheep (Cheep Cheep Cape)
  • German: Cheep Cheep Bucht (Cheep Cheep Bay)
  • Italian: Laguna Smack (Cheep Cheep Lagoon)
  • Portuguese: Cabo Cheep Chep (Cheep Cheep Cape)
  • Russian: Mys Chip Chipa (Cheep Cheep Cape)
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