Samus getting ready to use a charge beam in Brawl.

The Charge Beam (sometimes called Charge Shot) is an attack Samus Aran can perform in the Metroid series. It is performed by charging up your normal beam and letting go when it has reached its full capacity.

Metroid series

Metroid: Zero Mission

Super Metroid

Metroid Prime

Metroid Fusion

Metroid: Other M

Super Smash Bros. series


Throughout the iterations, not much has changed for this move. While uncharged, it doesn't do much damage but when fully charged, the blast can KO most at a decent percent. Some of the best strategies in using it is to fire a Super Missile and follow it with a fully charged Charge Beam or vice-versa. The opponent dodges the first but gets hit by the second and gets knocked off the stage.


  • Charge Shotgun
  • Slow Charge Beam - The fully charge blast is bigger but also slower. It does not KO as well but 

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