Charge! is one of the nine games that are featured in Wii Play and the eighth unlockable game. The objective of the game is for the player to hold the Wii Remote sideways as if they were playing Mario Kart Wii, and to ride a cow made out of yarn. They will attempt to make it to the end of a path surrounded by a gated field on the cow, and try to knock down scarecrows along the way. The points the player earns are counted as how many scarecrows the player knocked down along the way to the finish line. If you knock down all 3 or 5 scarecrows that pop up at a time, the player will receive a 5 point perfect bonus. Scattered through the path, there are bright red moving scarecrows with yellow crowns that are worth 10 points when hit. Any extra time the player have after they cross the finish line will be added to their final score. However, the points won't count if the player runs out of time before he/she makes it to the finish line.


Medal Requirement
Bronze Medal 170 points
Silver Medal 250 points
Gold Medal 300 points
Platinum Medal 325 points


Multiplayer mode is very similar to single player mode, as the players will need to knock down scarecrows. The player with the most points wins.