Chao (女の子(ちゃお)) is a character in the Famicom Disk System video game Yūyūki. She is the female protagonist of the game along with Goku, but unlike him she doesn't have a counterpart in the novel Journey to the West, of which this game is based on.



The game starts a night when Chao discovers a meteor that had crashed close her home. When she investigates it, a monkey is born from it that she names Goku. She begins to take care of him, but Goku is taken away from her by Oshakasama, the peacekeeper of the heavens, who reveals that Goku is the Monkey King and that he was trapped in the meteor as a punishment for his crimes.

Chao prays to the heaven hoping for Goku to return, but is instead sent on a quest by Oshakasama to find the Mallet of Light. This weapon is to be used by Goku in the battle against his former accomplice Gyumao who has returned from his exile and is threatening the world. Only by saving the world from him can Goku be freed from his prison and return to live happily with Chao. Thus she sets out in the direction of the Village of Women, where the mallet is hidden.

Other appearances

  • Kirby's Dream Land 2: In the Japanese version of the game, when you rescue an animal friend while already riding the same one, you would save Chao instead of the female Gooey. Chao also appears in the Sound Test, in which the scene mimics a scene from Yūyūki, where she plays the piano.
  • Kirby's Dream Land 3: Chao appeared alongside Goku in a one of the stages. Goku had to be found in one of the secret areas in the level and be brought back to Chao at the end of the level.
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