The Chancellor is one of King Guardia XXXIII's men in 1000 A.D. in Chrono Trigger. He is the descendant of the Chancellor in 600 A.D.


We're Back!

When Crono and Marle head back to Guardia Castle in 1000 A.D. after rescuing Queen Leene in 600 A.D., the Chancellor demands the guards place Crono under arrest for kidnapping Princess Nadia. Despite her objections, the guards obey the Chancellor and lock him away to await a trial.

The Trial

Crono gets a trial in the courtroom at Guardia Castle.

Note: The happenings during the trial are determined by the player's actions in the previous chapters. Crono is either found guilty or innocent depending on what the player did while at the Millennial Fair. If Crono is guilty, he is sentenced to an execution. If he is innocent, the Chancellor tricks the prison guards into thinking he was guilty and an execution is set.

While Crono and Lucca try to escape from the Castle's prison, they are confronted by the Chancellor. He sends out the Dragon Tank to attack them. After they defeat it, Crono and Lucca make a mad dash for the Castle doors. As they soon find themselves surrounded, Marle comes to their rescue and together the three of them leave the Castle. The Chancellor and the guards end up chasing them into Guardia Forest where they find a new Time Gate. Realizing they have no other option, they use the Gate Key and jump through the Gate. The Chancellor witnesses them disappearing.

The Rainbow Shell

The Chancellor accuses King Guardia XXXIII of selling the Rainbow Shell for his own personal gain. So he rigs a trial and attempts to overthrown the King so he can rule the Kingdom of Guardia for himself. But when Crono and his party discovers the secret plot, Marle returns to the Courtroom with evidence that the Shell is still in Guardia Castle. The Chancellor then reveals himself to be Yakra XIII in disguise.

After the battle, the real Chancellor is found locked away in a treasure chest.

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